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Joe Frawley

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Joe Frawley

Joe Frawley has been played on NTS in shows including Perfect Sound Forever, featured first on 5 April 2017. Songs played include Morning Call.

Joe Frawley is an experimental composer and pianist whose works blur the boundary between music and sound art. By layering and juxtaposing original music with processed found sounds, field recordings, and recontextualized speech fragments, the composer creates challenging yet accessible sound assemblages bearing a hypnotic dreamlike quality.

Recurring dreams and repressed memories. Irrational fixations and secret desires. The rich underworld of the subconscious is the subject of Joe Frawley Music, which is as much its own singular genre, as it is an…

Morning Call
Joe Frawley
Joe Frawley Music2008
Morning Call
Joe FrawleyJoe Frawley Music2008