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The Scabs

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The Scabs

The Scabs has been played on NTS shows including Yesterday's News, with Leave Me Alone first played on 12 April 2017.

There are 4 bands called The Scabs: a Belgian band, an American funk rock band, an American hardcore band, and an American punk band.

- the SCABS are a Belgian band that made one of the most popular Belgian songs ever: "Hard Times". Lead singer: Guy Swinnen, Drums: Frank Saenen, Bass: Fons Symons, Guitars Willy Willy. The band, formed in 1981, had their greatest successes in Belgium in the late eighties and early nineties. They released their first two singles in 1981. After splitting…
Leave Me Alone
The Scabs
Clubland Records1979
Leave Me Alone
The ScabsClubland Records1979