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Richard Bona

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Richard Bona

Richard Bona was first played on NTS on 14 April 2017. Songs played include Aka Lingala Te.

Born in 1967 in the village of Minta in East Cameroon, Bona grew up in a home filled with music. He began to perform in public at the age of five, singing in the village church with his mother and four sisters. His earliest instruments were wooden flutes and hand percussion. Eventually he constructed his own 12-string acoustic guitar. After moving to the bigger city of Douala, Richard began playing gigs at the age of 11 on a rented electric guitar. A major turning point in his life…

Aka Lingala Te
Richard Bona, Mandekan Cubano
Qwest Records2016
Aka Lingala Te
Richard Bona, Mandekan CubanoQwest Records2016