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The Poets

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The Poets

The Poets has been played on NTS in shows including Gilded Sound Reflection, featured first on 15 April 2017. Songs played include She Blew A Good Thing.

There are at least 6 bands called The Poets:

1) Band was discovered in it's native Scotland by Andrew Loog Oldham in 1964, signed to Decca that same year and to his Immediate Records label in 1966. Members: George Gallacher (vocals) Hume Paton (lead guitar), Tony Myles (rhythm guitar), John Dawson (bass guitar), Alan Weir (drums), Hughie Nicholson (later Blue and Marmalade). They had a minor hit in late 1964, but failed to have a major impact beyond Scotland. After…

She Blew A Good Thing
The Poets
Symbol Records1966
She Blew A Good Thing
The PoetsSymbol Records1966