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L.A. Takedown

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L.A. Takedown

L.A. Takedown has been played on NTS in shows including Trevor Jackson , featured first on 18 April 2017. Songs played include Bad Night At Black's Beach.

L.A. Takedown is a cinematic instrumental rock project helmed by Los Angeles-based composer/musician Aaron M. Olson, along with a revolving cast of additional contributors. Inspired equally by prog and Krautrock as well as film and television scores, the group's releases, such as 2017's II, are equally suitable as a soundtrack for cruising through the desert as well as beach escapades. Named after a made-for-television 1989 crime thriller, L.A. Takedown began as a solo home recording project. Its first release…

Bad Night At Black's Beach
L.A. Takedown
Ribbon Music2017
Bad Night At Black's Beach
L.A. TakedownRibbon Music2017