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Donato Wharton

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Donato Wharton

Donato Wharton has been played on NTS shows including Night Shift w/ Diamondstein, with Is That Why Yr Still On Earth first played on 25 March 2017.

Born in Cardiff on June 18th, 1976, Donato Wharton lived in Germany for 18 years, where he was based variously in Stuttgart, Cologne and Berlin. He now lives and works in London, UK. Donato has released two albums and one 12" EP on the Manchester/Berlin record label City Centre Offices and only very occasionally plays concerts. His music has been used in German and Belgian radio features and in theatre productions in Germany and the UK. Donato also…

Is That Why Yr Still On Earth
Donato Wharton
City Centre Offices2004
Is That Why Yr Still On Earth
Donato WhartonCity Centre Offices2004