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The Primitives

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The Primitives

The Primitives was first played on NTS on 21 April 2017. Songs played include Sneaky Pete.

There are 4 bands called The Primitives.

An alternative rock band from the United Kingdom (1985–1992; 2009–present)

A band from the United States with Lou Reed and John Cale

A garage rock band from the United Kingdom

An alternative country band from the United States

The Primitives are an alternative rock/indie pop band from Coventry, UK formed in 1985. Original singer Keiron McDermott was soon replaced by Tracy Tracy (born Tracy Cattell in Australia), whose blonde good looks and distinctive voice helped the band to achieve…

Sneaky Pete
The Primitives
Pickwick City Records1964
Sneaky Pete
The PrimitivesPickwick City Records1964