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Voodoo Drums

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Voodoo Drums

Voodoo Drums has been played on NTS in shows including Creep Zone w/ James Pants & Marc Schaller , featured first on 24 April 2017. Songs played include Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh !.

Field recordings of Haitian voodoo ceremonies released by Atlantic in 1958. The album is actually called "Voodoo Drums in Hi-Fi"

Here's an excerpt of the liner notes on the album:

"Haiti may be a dark enigma to most of its visitors, but if one learns the language of the drums, the life and mind of its people open to you like a flower. The drums are never silent; day and night they…

Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh !
Voodoo Drums
Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh !
Voodoo DrumsAtlantic1958