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N.Y. Connection

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N.Y. Connection

N.Y. Connection has been played on NTS shows including Moxie , with Bless The Funk first played on 26 April 2017.

A House Music project of Mark Pritchard under the alias William Parrot. N.Y. Connection's "In Front/Wan' It" was remixed by Victor Calderone and Anthony Acid and was later re-released, incorrectly attributed, as written by them. N.Y. Connection's minimal output included the tracks: In "Front/Wan' It" (and its various remixes) "NYC The Dub" and its remix, and the "Bless the Funk" EP on Pritchard's and Tom Middleton's Evolution/Universal Language Records Label. Tracks on that EP include "Bless the Funk", "The Push" and "Messages". N.Y….

Bless The Funk
N.Y. Connection
Bless The Funk
N.Y. ConnectionEvolution1996