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Peace has been played on NTS shows including Weekend Read w/ Jonah Rabb, with Across 110th Street first played on 22 April 2017.

Peace is a name of at least seven artists:

Based out of Birmingham, England, Peace create drifting, melodic indie rock that merges the crawling atmosphere of classic post-punk with the pop-oriented bounce of modern bands like Vampire Weekend. Formed by brothers Harrison and Samuel Koisser, on vocals/guitar and bass, respectively, as well as guitarist Douglas Castle and drummer Dominic Boyce, the band came together in 2010 before gaining recognition among the U.K. press with its début outing, the Delicious EP, which was…
Across 110th Street
Bobby Womack, Peace
Simply Vinyl2001
Across 110th Street
Bobby Womack, PeaceSimply Vinyl2001