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The Jolly Boys

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The Jolly Boys

The Jolly Boys has been played on NTS shows including Afrobuddha Presents: Spirits Frequency, with Ben Wood Dick first played on 15 February 2014.

A mento quartet from Port Antonio, Jamaica, formed 1955. They perform with bongos, banjo, rhumba box & kalimba / finger-piano. In the 50s, they were popular at The Trident Hotel & parties for 'the rich'n'famous', e.g. at Errol Flynn's residence.

In the late 80s, interest was renewed, when Jules Shear heard them playing at the Trident - he returned later & produced Pop 'N' Mento & other albums. A new album - Great Expectation - is slated for release, late 2010….

Ben Wood Dick
The Jolly Boys
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Ben Wood Dick
The Jolly BoysCooking Vinyl1989