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Downliners Sect

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Downliners Sect

Downliners Sect has been played on NTS in shows including Country Hayride, featured first on 7 May 2017. Songs played include Above And Beyond.

The story of Downliners Sect (or The Downliners Sect; both spellings are used quite frequently) starts in Twickenham, a London suburb back in 1962 when a young man named Mick O’Donnell started a band called the Downliners (after the Jerry Lee Lewis song "Down The Line". After some member changes and a disastrous tour to France, the band split in the beginning of 1963. Mick O’Donnell and the drummer Johnny Sutton decided to form a new band and put in an…

Above And Beyond
Downliners Sect
Above And Beyond
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