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Ensemble Unicorn

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Ensemble Unicorn

Ensemble Unicorn has been played on NTS shows including Michael Tanner's Cantus Orbis, with Lamento Di Tristano - La Rotta first played on 5 May 2017.

The Ensemble Unicorn is a Viennese early-music ensemble.

The Ensemble consists of five musicians who specialize in early music, who play on rebuilt historical instruments. They perform and record (often with guest musicians) music from the mediaeval period to the baroque, as well as their own works. The five members of the ensemble are Michael Posch (recorders), Riccardo Delfino (hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, harp, and dulcimer), Marco Ambrosini (keyed fiddle, fiddle, mandoria, kuhhorn, shawm, and ocarina), Thomas Wimmer (ud, fiddle, saz,…

Lamento Di Tristano - La Rotta
Ensemble Unicorn, Vienna
Lamento Di Tristano - La Rotta
Ensemble Unicorn, ViennaNaxos1994