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Alla Francesca

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Alla Francesca

Alla Francesca has been played on NTS in shows including Michael Tanner's Cantus Orbis, featured first on 5 May 2017. Songs played include Anonyme: Lai du Chèvrefeuille.

Alla Francesca is a French early-music ensemble

The group has three core members: Pierre Hamon (director and historical wind instruments), Brigitte Lesne (singer and harpist); and Emmanuel Bonnardot (singer and violinist). They met earlier in their careers, and worked closely with Dominique Vellard in the Ensemble Gilles Binchois; the parent group was and remains headquartered at the Centre for Mediaeval Music at the University of Paris, and produces performances in close communication with musicologists. Likewise, Alla Francesca…

Anonyme: Lai du Chèvrefeuille
Alla Francesca
Opus 1111996
Anonyme: Lai du Chèvrefeuille
Alla FrancescaOpus 1111996