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Fionn Regan

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Fionn Regan

Fionn Regan has been played on NTS shows including, with 常に 愛 Tsuneni Ai first played on 13 May 2017.

Fionn Regan is an Irish singer-songwriter who hails from Bray, Co Wicklow and has been performing since 2002. Receiving warm response from the media and general public alike with the release of his Hotel Room EP in 2004, he later went on to release his critically-acclaimed debut album The End of History in 2006.

Citing his musical influences as Leadbelly, Howlin' Wolf, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Neil Young, The Velvet Underground, Pixies and Nirvana, Regan has drawn comparisons to Young, Woody Guthrie and John…

常に 愛 Tsuneni Ai
Fionn Regan
常に 愛 Tsuneni Ai
Fionn ReganAbbey2017