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Slow To Speak

Slow To Speak hosted a guest show on 6 September 2014. Slow To Speak has been played on NTS shows including Kelvin Brown, with Big Business first played on 17 June 2018.

Slow To Speak started as a byproduct of a previous band. Camden Stolarik, Kevin Nielsen, and Xris Karaplis, all former members of These Reasoning Animals, saw that their chemistry together was something too strong to go to waste after the decay of their former project. With music being the only thing that ever made sense to them entirely, they sought to fill a line up for a new venture. Adding their great friend…

Most recent episode:
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Big Business
David Byrne (Slow To Speak mix)
Track Rabbit Suppers2007
Big Business
David Byrne (Slow To Speak mix)Track Rabbit Suppers2007