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The Motorcycle Boy

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The Motorcycle Boy

The Motorcycle Boy has been played on NTS shows including My Ever Changing Moods w/ DJ Lance Rock, with Big Rock Candy Mountain (7" Mix) first played on 12 May 2017.

The origins of the Motorcycle Boy go back to Scotland 1985 when a band named after a Fire Engines b-side were formed - Meat Whiplash.

They signed to Creation Records releasing one single for that label (which was produced by The Jesus & Mary Chain). In 1987 the band recruited vocalist Alex Taylor from The Shop Assistants and changed their name to The Motorcycle Boy (from a character in the movie Rumblefish).

They signed to Rough…

Big Rock Candy Mountain (7" Mix)
The Motorcycle Boy
Rough Trade1987
Big Rock Candy Mountain (7" Mix)
The Motorcycle BoyRough Trade1987