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Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign

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Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign

Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign has been played on NTS shows including Rhythm Deep w/ Akashik Records , with Syncopated Madness first played on 25 May 2017.

Originally named the Ebony Rhythm Band, formed in Indianapolis, Indiana in 1969. Rhythm Section was the studio band for Lamp Records in late 60's early 70's. Renamed the Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign in 1972. First album produced by famed trombonist Wayne Henderson, entitled "Reach For It" released on Universal label in 1972. Original members were John "Ricky" Jackson (keys) Master "Boobie" Townsend (guitar) Lester "Lammy"Johnson(bass) Anthony Joseph Roberts (vocals) Matthew "Phatback" Watson(drums)Pam Tanner(vocals)Henry Leon Miles (sax)and Ron Hedricks…

Syncopated Madness
Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign
Chi Sound Records1976
Syncopated Madness
Ebony Rhythm Funk CampaignChi Sound Records1976