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Dignitary Stylish

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Dignitary Stylish

Dignitary Stylish has been played on NTS shows including All Fruits Ripe w/ Jack Sapsed, with Tek You Eye Off Me first played on 29 May 2017.

Biography Dignitary Stylish (b. Horace Samuels in 1965, Portmore, Jamaica) is a deejay that was noted for his cultural lyrics during the digital Dancehall era in Jamaica when non-cultural messages were quite absent. Dignitary started working in the music business in '75. He first started working for the small community sound Rock Horn (Rock Harmony?) out of Portmore, Jamaica. He would later venture on to sounds such Ace's, Black Scorpio and Killamanjaro.

His first recording was »Pon De Attack«…

Tek You Eye Off Me
Dignitary Stylish
Black Scorpio1987
Tek You Eye Off Me
Dignitary StylishBlack Scorpio1987