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Le Concert Des Nations

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Le Concert Des Nations

Le Concert Des Nations was first played on NTS on 31 May 2017. Songs played include Tempête.

Le Concert des Nations, created in 1989 around La Capella Reial de Catalunya, is the youngest of the groups conducted by Jordi Savall. Les Nations, which refers to the work by François Couperin, and are an assembly of "tastes", is also the premonition of an artistic Europe which, centuries old, bears the mark of the Age of Enlightenment. This group meets the present day need for an orchestra with period instruments, able to perform orchestral and symphonic repertoire from Baroque to Romanticism: 1600 - 1850. Le Concert des…

Marin Marais, Jordi Savall, Le Concert Des Nations
Astrée Naïve2000
Marin Marais, Jordi Savall, Le Concert Des NationsAstrée Naïve2000