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Thaide & DJ Hum

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Thaide & DJ Hum

Thaide & DJ Hum has been played on NTS shows including Party Socks w/ Minus Kendal, with Coisas Do Amor first played on 12 May 2017.

Thaíde and DJ Hum are the main founding idealizers and of the Brazilian movement Hip Hop and pioneers in the relation with record companys. They are owners of a proper style, DJ Hum has as principal source American funk of 70’s and Thaide is not limited to tell what it is to live in the periphery. Poet par excellence, it tells histories of the brothers that if had lost in the way and try for in the head…

Coisas Do Amor
Thaide & DJ Hum
Estúdio Eldorado1989
Coisas Do Amor
Thaide & DJ HumEstúdio Eldorado1989