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Davide Balula

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Davide Balula

Davide Balula was first played on NTS on 2 June 2017. Songs played include Iris Em Arco.

Davide Balula is a French contemporary art meddler. His debut album “Pellicule” relies on a sensitive layer emulsion, alternating between folk ballads and sound experiments or combining both styles at will. His sharpened voice is at times undecipherable, other times really close. It sometimes evaporates to unveil a luscious and crackling environment and opens a breech into an unstable magnetic field peopled with sound bacteria.

Davide Balula thus blends symbiotically shattered numerical variations to an acoustic biotope made of crossbreeding and ballad overtones.

Iris Em Arco
Davide Balula
Iris Em Arco
Davide Balularx:tx2005