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The Third Rail

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The Third Rail

The Third Rail has been played on NTS in shows including Loose Bones, featured first on 5 June 2017. Songs played include From A Parachute.

There are two groups that have recorded under the name The Third Rail.

A bubblegum group active from 1967 -1968.

A jazz punk supergroup led by James "Blood" Ulmer

The Third Rail are mostly known for their small 1967 hit single "Run, Run, Run," which reached #53 and was included on the initial Nuggets compilation of 1960s garage and psychedelic rock. "Run, Run, Run" is actually not typical of most of what made up the Nuggets anthology, having nothing to…

From A Parachute
The Third Rail
From A Parachute
The Third RailEpic1967