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Dropshadow Disease

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Dropshadow Disease

Dropshadow Disease has been played on NTS in shows including Nick Höppner, featured first on 6 June 2017. Songs played include Ping Pong (True Type).

Real Name: Uwe Schmidt. German electronic musician now living in Santiago de Chile. Records under under an extensive number of aliases. Runs his own label, called Rather Interesting, and his own design company called Linger Decoree. Aliases: Almost Digital, Atom Heart, Atom™, Atomu Shinzo, BASS, Bitniks, The, Brown, Bund Deutscher Programmierer, CMYK, Coeur Atomique, Disk Orchestra, The, Don Atom, DOS Tracks, Dots, Dr. Mueller, Dropshadow Disease, Erik Satin, Flextone, Fonosandwich, Geeez 'N' Gosh, i, Interactive Music, Lassigue Bendthaus, LB, Los Negritos,…

Ping Pong (True Type)
Dropshadow Disease
Rather Interesting1998
Ping Pong (True Type)
Dropshadow DiseaseRather Interesting1998