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Stevie Jackson

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Stevie Jackson

Stevie Jackson has been played on NTS shows including Mint Condition w/ Randy Ellis, with Can't Get Enough first played on 13 June 2017.

Stevie Jackson is a Scottish musician and songwriter. He plays lead guitar and sings in the Glasgow-based indie band Belle & Sebastian. Jackson's guitar playing is very distinctively retrogressive and melodic, with a heavy use of reverb and minimal effects. He has, in the past, been nicknamed 'Reverb' or 'Stevie Reverb' due to his use of the said effect.

Prior to joining the group, Jackson was a member of the now-defunct The Moondials, a band that released a single on Electric Honey,…

Can't Get Enough
Stevie Jackson
Williams Records1986
Can't Get Enough
Stevie JacksonWilliams Records1986