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Elan Mehler Quartet

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Elan Mehler Quartet

Elan Mehler Quartet was first played on NTS on 15 June 2017. Songs played include Elvis Presley Blues.

Elan Mehler Quartet is a Brooklyn, NY USA band, led by Elan Mehler (piano). Other members include: Andrew Zimmerman (sax), Tod Hedrick (bass), David Moore (Fender Rhodes), Becca Stevens (vocals), Jermey Viner (sax), Scott Spivak (Fender Rhodes) and Max Goldman (drums).

Mehler has a stylistic compositional touch that has been compared to greats, including William John Evans (aka Bill Evans) and Achille-Claude Debussy (aka Claude Debussy). This is contemporary music recorded wholly live and in jazz / improvisational tradition, an antithesis to some contemporary über-produced music.

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Elvis Presley Blues
Elan Mehler Quartet
Brownswood Recordings2007
Elvis Presley Blues
Elan Mehler QuartetBrownswood Recordings2007