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Mat Zo

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Mat Zo

Mat Zo has been played on NTS shows including GRRL, with Take It Back first played on 15 June 2017.

Matan Zohar (a.k.a Mat Zo, Unripelemon, Reif, MRSA) was born in April of 1990 into a musical family. Throughout his childhood, music was a huge part of his daily life. He was pressured by his parents at an early age to take up an instrument, and when he picked up his first guitar in 1998, he quickly showed a talent for it. During this time he developed a love for Daft Punk. In 2001 he moved in with his dad in London. There he got…

Take It Back
Mat Zo feat. Foreign Beggars
Mad Zoo2016
Take It Back
Mat Zo feat. Foreign BeggarsMad Zoo2016