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Seabrook Power Plant

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Seabrook Power Plant

Seabrook Power Plant has been played on NTS shows including Jameszoo Fool Radio, with Lamborghini Helicopter first played on 15 June 2017.

From the Minutemen’s jazz-centric econo-punk to the bristling twang-rock of the Meat Puppets, Seabrook Power Plant joins a wide array of musical references without ever slipping into the grips of replication. In part due to their unique instrumentation, the band’s unyielding vision and superb ability as a musical unit sets them apart from their contemporaries. Alongside Sun City Girls, Frank Zappa, and Henry Flynt, Seabrook Power Plant is crafting a sonic universe of its own through daringly unusual and adventurous music. The band…

Lamborghini Helicopter
Seabrook Power Plant
Not On Label2011
Lamborghini Helicopter
Seabrook Power PlantNot On Label2011