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Black Ice

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Black Ice

Black Ice has been played on NTS shows including Minimal Effort, with Blind Over You first played on 16 June 2017.

There are more than one artist that use the name "Black Ice":

Heavy Metal act from California, US, which released just one 12" record in '86 titled "Hot-n-Heavy"

No Wave / experimental / gothic band.

A gangsta hip-hop group formed by Iced-T and Black Silver,

A Hungarian rapper.

A soul and funk unit from the US

A jug band from Kentucky, circa 1920

A hardcore band from Iowa who released a demo in 2011 and a 7" EP "Live & Suffer"…

Blind Over You
Black Ice
HDM Records1976
Blind Over You
Black IceHDM Records1976
Big Fun
Black Ice (Barney Perkins mix)
Montage Records1982
Big Fun
Black Ice (Barney Perkins mix)Montage Records1982