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Alien Community

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Alien Community

Alien Community has been played on NTS shows including Shape, with A Long And Perilous Voyage first played on 16 June 2017.

Cosmonauts Pete Namlook (code name: Syn) and Jonah Sharp (code name: Spacetime Continuum) find themselves in an unknown solar system somewhere in the Orion constellation. After traipsing across kilometres of inhospitable terrain, they see what appears to be a grassy plain, and roughly in the middle of it, there is a hillock with structures atop it. They approach tentatively before unwittingly stumbling into some kind of welcoming reception. They have arrived at an alien community, and they are welcomed like family. They discover…

A Long And Perilous Voyage
Alien Community
Fax +49-69/4504641994
A Long And Perilous Voyage
Alien CommunityFax +49-69/4504641994