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DZ Lectric

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DZ Lectric

DZ Lectric has been played on NTS in shows including SKYAPNEA, featured first on 19 June 2017. Songs played include La Nonne Sanglante.

Part of the early French minimal electronic/cold wave music scene in the 1980s, DZ Lectric composed dark experimental music along the lines of peers like Die Form. Christian Dezert is credited as the sole composer. Their main output, like so many of the early cold wave artists, was mostly on limited handmade cassette releases. They did release two vinyls, "Virgin Boy", and the LP "Be Eclectic", preceded by the EP credited as Magnetique Bleu (pre DZ Lectric?).

La Nonne Sanglante
D.Z. Lectric
Fraction Studio1984
La Nonne Sanglante
D.Z. LectricFraction Studio1984