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Goodnight Loving

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Goodnight Loving

Goodnight Loving has been played on NTS shows including The Boxxx Report Show, with Dead FIsh On The Banks first played on 20 June 2017.

There I was in the back screenporch, looking out onto the lake, watching fireflies and hearing the crickets and bullfrogs. Three hours north of the street I live and it seems like a million miles away…and it's no other place than I rather be. Ya gotta love those trips outta town. Change of scenery, fresh air and though the strip mall-i-fication and Walmartisms are starting to slowly creep in around the bigger vacation spots-it's still for the most part a…

Dead FIsh On The Banks
Goodnight Loving
Dusty Medical Records2006
Dead FIsh On The Banks
Goodnight LovingDusty Medical Records2006