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Sam Hamilton

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Sam Hamilton

Sam Hamilton has been played on NTS in shows including Are You Before, featured first on 26 June 2017. Songs played include To.

SAM HAMILTON BIO   Auckland's Sam Hamilton, through an entranced mode of ecstatic euphoria, summons up a sonic spirit sensorium of alchemical boogie woogie rituals, mystic disco, psychedelic dance and fucked modern pop. A joyful astral punk explosion of spectral voodoo dance fun vibes that resonates its way out of the sound system like a dusk burning its way through the horizon into the nocturnal wonderland of magic.

A hybridized tapestry of sound, equally influenced from exploring environmental sound in the Amazon as it is from strobe…

Jan Anderzen, Sam Hamilton
Korm Plastics2013
Jan Anderzen, Sam HamiltonKorm Plastics2013