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The Dentists

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The Dentists

The Dentists has been played on NTS shows including Holliday Show w/ Skinny Girl Diet, with I Had An Excellent Dream first played on 28 June 2017.

The Dentists were an indie/pop band from the Medway towns in England who were active from 1984 to 1995. The band's permanent members were Mick Murphy (lead vocals), Bob Collins (guitar) and Mark Matthews (bass). The band also had three different drummers: Ian Smith (1984-1986), Alun Jones (1986-1991) and Rob Grigg (1991-1995). All members participated in writing songs.

The band's members met at school in the early 1980s and began playing gigs in the area around Strood and Rochester….

I Had An Excellent Dream
The Dentists
Me Two Records1992
I Had An Excellent Dream
The DentistsMe Two Records1992