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Maciunas Ensemble

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Maciunas Ensemble

Maciunas Ensemble has been played on NTS shows including AD 93 w/ Tasker, with A Wide, White World first played on 2 July 2017.

Part art project, part socio-musical experiment, the Maciunas Ensemble was set up by Netherlands-based artists Paul Panhuysen and Remko Scha and rock guitarist Jan van Riet. Named after Fluxus founder George Maciunas, this trio—who later expanded to larger lineups with a flexible membership—convened every weekend to play music, record their sessions, and discuss them after listening. The music was to be free in form—the musicians chose their instruments (piano, violin, saxophone, but also toys and a wild array of instruments from…

A Wide, White World
Maciunas Ensemble
Apollo Records1986
A Wide, White World
Maciunas EnsembleApollo Records1986