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Kevin Hufnagel

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Kevin Hufnagel

Kevin Hufnagel was first played on NTS on 2 July 2017. Songs played include Damaged Clouds.

Kevin Hufnagel has been playing the guitar for over 20 years and is perhaps best known for his work in progressive instrumental rock band Dysrhythmia, and guitar-as-wall-of-sound duo Byla. Kevin is now also a member of avant-death metal act Gorguts, and the more recent post-punk/shoegaze metal band Vaura. Kevin's first full-length solo recording 'Songs for the Disappeared', released on his own Nightfloat Recordings imprint, is an album which seeks to unify eclectic and exploratory uses of the acoustic guitar into a cohesive and gripping whole. Tracks like the exotic…

Damaged Clouds
Kevin Hufnagel
Nostalgium Directive2016
Damaged Clouds
Kevin HufnagelNostalgium Directive2016