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Edmund Welles

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Edmund Welles

Edmund Welles has been played on NTS in shows including How the Other Half Lives, featured first on 9 June 2017. Songs played include Tooth & Claw.

Edmund Welles is a bass clarinet quartet from San Francisco, California, United States. Its members are Cornelius Boots, Sheldon Brown, Scott Hill, and Aaron Novik. Since 1996, Cornelius Boots has led and composed for Edmund Welles, performing many different genres of music, from gospel to jazz to heavy metal. They have done versions of songs by such groups as Radiohead, Primus, Black Sabbath, The Residents, and Spinal Tap, as well as original music. Their first album, titled "Agrippa's 3 Books",…

Tooth & Claw
Edmund Welles
Zeroth Law2007
Tooth & Claw
Edmund WellesZeroth Law2007