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Alexis Davis

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Alexis Davis

Alexis Davis was first played on NTS on 6 July 2017. Songs played include Mecca (Live Dub).

Two countries. Two time zones. Three DJ/producers. One MC.

The group Alexis Davis is not all about simple mathematics. It is a collaboration of four fans of one another’s music that decided to come together at a time when coming together is of the essence.

Alexis Davis are: DJ/Producers Mecca:83, Simon S, Spinnerty, and MC Replife.

But the group is about more than it’s members. Musically, Alexis Davis is about break beats, scratches, cuts, and samples; and all of these elements are served with a fresh jazz sensibility and an…

Mecca (Live Dub)
Alexis Davis
Not On Label2016
Mecca (Live Dub)
Alexis DavisNot On Label2016