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Von Magnet

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Von Magnet

Von Magnet has been played on NTS in shows including Cool World West w/ Coolwater, featured first on 10 July 2017. Songs played include El Loco.

Von Magnet, probably best described as experimental-avant-garde, combines multiple layers of artistry to create an experience of sight and sound for their audiences. Painters, makeup artists, dancers, and even the musicians of Von Magnet all play an important role in the dramatic live presentations. The music of Von Magnet builds from minimal and sometimes metallic sounds into immense pieces using a host of instruments. A wide variety of percussion instrumentation is present, in addition to flamenco, bass and electric…

El Loco
Von Magnet (Boyd, Ian Briton mix)
El Loco
Von Magnet (Boyd, Ian Briton mix)Hypnobeat1995