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The Agency

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The Agency

The Agency has been played on NTS in shows including Mint Condition w/ Hotthobo , featured first on 11 July 2017. Songs played include Now I Know (Vocal).

There are at least six artists with this name:

A UK indie band, "The Agency…", made famous for their song, "She"…/She/She

An indie rock band from France

A rock band from the United States

A ska band from Canada

A rap group

An indie band from Austin Texas

The Agency…

The Agency : The Approx Dwarf, The Spastic Scientist & The Dethroned Despot official website : Albums : Somnographe (2011), EP : Bumpers (2007), Not Singular (2009),


Now I Know (Vocal)
The Agency
Dabeau Records1988
Now I Know (Vocal)
The AgencyDabeau Records1988