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Beef Wellington

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Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington has been played on NTS in shows including Casting Shadows (On Warm Sundays) w/ Rikki Humphrey , featured first on 9 July 2017. Songs played include Dedication.

Beef Wellington is on a quest; an evolutionary path towards revolutionary funk. For the past few years he's been at the helm of Starship Fantabulous, exploring strange new worlds with Intelligence Officer Swamburger, seeking out new beats to feed the Cultural Starvation, and boldly going where …

Okay, we won't go there yet. Bottom line is Beef has been on a quest, exploring a musical universe in search of a universal sound. Or rather, a real world…

Beef Wellington, Mellissa Mya feat. Mellissa Mya
Eighth Dimension Records2002
Beef Wellington, Mellissa Mya feat. Mellissa MyaEighth Dimension Records2002