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42 Decibel

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42 Decibel

42 Decibel has been played on NTS shows including Radio Fenriz, with Dangerous Mess first played on 11 July 2017.

They're young and hungry for rock'n'roll, they come from Argentina and have recently shaken all the hottest clubs in and around Buenos Aires to their very foundations -- 42 Decibel is the name of Steamhammer/SPV's latest signing. Their debut album 'Hard Rock'N'Roll (the title says it all about their stylistic direction) has been scheduled for release on June 24th, 2013 (June 21st in Germany and July 2nd in US/Canada).

42 Decibel were founded in January 2010 by drummer Nicko Cambiasso and vocalist/guitarist Junior Figueroa. The…

Dangerous Mess
42 Decibel
Steamhammer, SPV2017
Dangerous Mess
42 DecibelSteamhammer, SPV2017