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The Wizards

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The Wizards

The Wizards has been played on NTS in shows including Radio Fenriz, featured first on 11 July 2017. Songs played include Who Are You, Mr. Gurdjieff?.

There are four bands with the name "The Wizards" on

THE WIZARDS is a 70´s Hard Rock and Occult Rock band, formed in Bilbao, Basque Country (Spain). Back in 2013 these five outcasts decided to form a band after several intense sessions of drug abuse and hard liquor drinking marathons at backyard parties where the records from Black Sabbath, Danzing, The Cult, Blue Oyster Cult, Pentagram, Deep Purple, Dio, Horisont and Electric Wizard where played so loud neighbours would…
Who Are You, Mr. Gurdjieff?
The Wizards
Fighter Records2017
Who Are You, Mr. Gurdjieff?
The WizardsFighter Records2017