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Technicolour & Komatic

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Technicolour & Komatic

Technicolour & Komatic has been played on NTS shows including Tiffany Calver, with The Glow first played on 12 July 2017.

There are two artists that use the name Technicolour

Drum & Bass producer from the UK with releases on Technique and Ennex. Technicolour (Peter Rogers) is a 30 year-old music producer originally from Luton, now based in the industrial leviathan that is Byfleet, Surrey. Also know as duet Technicolour & Komatic He has been listening to fast electronic music ever since he tuned into Pressure FM in 1992 and heard Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era’s ‘Far Out’. His first musical purchase was the…
The Glow
Technicolour & Komatic
The Glow
Technicolour & KomaticSGN:LTD2012