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The Serendipity Singers

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The Serendipity Singers

The Serendipity Singers has been played on NTS in shows including Acid Memories w/ Astral Vibes, featured first on 12 July 2017. Songs played include Rain Doll.

The Serendipity Singers hit the charts briefly in the mid-60's and made their contribution to music through folk, pop and even some show tunes.

The group was formed at the University of Colorado by students Bryan Sennet, Mike Brovsky and Brooks Hatch. They assembled a group that comprised nine members including vocalists Lynne Weintraub, Diane Decker and Tommy Tieman, guitarists John Madden and Jon Arbenz and bass player Bob Young. The group began to perform on college campuses, mostly…

Rain Doll
The Serendipity Singers
United Artists Records1967
Rain Doll
The Serendipity SingersUnited Artists Records1967