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The Asteroid #4

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The Asteroid #4

The Asteroid #4 has been played on NTS in shows including Rap Vacation, featured first on 13 July 2017. Songs played include What A Sorry Way To Go.

The Asteroid No. 4 is a psychedelic pop band that drew as much on British '60s songwriting as Eastern music. As the band matured, it moved toward a sound that plays up a psychedelic rock style as well as 60s pop-- somewhat similar to experimental guitar pop/power pop.

The group started out in Philadelphia, PA and began to release songs in the late-90s. The band has released several albums and singles, most under the Rainbow Quartz label. It…

What A Sorry Way To Go
The Asteroid #4
Lounge Records (US)1997
What A Sorry Way To Go
The Asteroid #4Lounge Records (US)1997