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The Snakes

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The Snakes

The Snakes has been played on NTS in shows including Not Waving, featured first on 13 July 2017. Songs played include Snake Rap.

There are numerous artists with this name, including: 1) The Snakes was a 70s British-Norwegian hard rock band that changed it's name to The Company Of Snakes. 2) The Snakes was a psychobilly band. 3) The Snakes was a 70s/80s American rock band from Washington, DC. 4) The Snakes was an early-2000s American alt-rock band from Los Angeles. 5) The Snakes was a late-80s American blues-rock band from Nashville, TN. 6) The Snakes is an Australian band from Melbourne. 7) The Snakes was…

Snake Rap
The Snakes
Discard Records1985
Snake Rap
The SnakesDiscard Records1985