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Fusion has been played on NTS shows including Swing Ting, with Wait A Minute (Fusion Rmx) first played on 15 July 2017.

There are at least eight bands with the name "Fusion":

(1) Fusion is an alternative and progressive modern rock band whose music is mostly associated to Muse, Metallica, Opeth, Green Day, Pink Floyd….

Why the name Fusion? It’s the story of 3 lifelong friends who started a band in 2003 in London. Clement (french/english), Rafael (french/german) and Alex (french/colombian) have known each other forever. All three have a multicultural education and lived in France and abroad. Consequently the music they wright together integrates elements…

Wait A Minute (Fusion Rmx)
Ty feat. Microw (Fusion mix)
Not On Label2003
Wait A Minute (Fusion Rmx)
Ty feat. Microw (Fusion mix)Not On Label2003