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Sparkle In Grey

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Sparkle In Grey

Sparkle In Grey has been played on NTS shows including SKYAPNEA, with Idiot Savant Pt. 4 first played on 17 July 2017.

From 1999 to 2006 Sparkle in Grey was a solo project of Matteo Uggeri/Hue (aka Der Einzige, Normality/Edge) which mixed electronic rhythms and melodies with field recordings.

In 2006 Hue was joined by poli-instrumentalist Cristiano Lupo (member of Norm), Alberto Carozzi (former member of Yakudoshi) – guitar and bass - and violin player Franz Krostopovic (of Pulp-ito): they're the roundmen boy band you see here.

Sparkle in Grey do not sing, do not dance in public, do not have lyrics to hang up on…

Idiot Savant Pt. 4
Sparkle In Grey
Off, Old Bicycle Records2015
Idiot Savant Pt. 4
Sparkle In GreyOff, Old Bicycle Records2015