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Paul Haslinger

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Paul Haslinger

Paul Haslinger was first played on NTS on 19 July 2017. Songs played include MacMillan Utility.

Austrian-born Paul Haslinger has secured a distinctive reputation for composing film scores, which incorporate both robust classical elements and compelling electronica. Formally trained in his hometown of Linz, Haslinger ventured to Vienna, where he continued his classical studies while exploring the new domain of electronic music. Auditions for the band Tangerine Dream led to a five year collaboration, four albums, and several films, including Miracle Mile, Near Dark, and Canyon Dreams.

After his “Dream” period, Haslinger released three solo albums and scored two landmark animated science-fiction films, Planetary Traveler and…

MacMillan Utility
Paul Haslinger
Fire Records, Lakeshore Records LLC.2017
MacMillan Utility
Paul HaslingerFire Records, Lakeshore Records LLC.2017